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  • QuelaCrops Mo

    QuelaCROPS Mo EEC FERTILIZER - Type E.1.6.d - Solution Molybdenum Composition: Mo 60g / L soluble complexed water 170g / L complexing agents (AA AHC) Density: 1.13kg / L Used in organic farming Packaging: 5L - Box 4X5L QuelaCROPS Mo Molybdenum is an essential solution to the growth of plants in a form readable and 100% profitable.

    80,00 €

    COPFORT Copper gluconate in aqueous solution. 78g / l Cu Used in organic farming ECOCERT certification (Authorized 889/2008)   Limit the growth and development of fungi and bacteria

    36,00 €
  • QuelaCROPS Fe

    QuelaCROPS Fe EEC fertilizer type E.1.4.b- Iron chelate (chelating agent DTPA) Participates in the process of photosynthesis To combat iron chlorosis And fully available to the plant Rapid effect of revegetation and stimultation photosynthetic activity

    44,00 €

    MANGAFER Composition / L: 60g Fe EDTA  + 20g Mn EDTA MANGAFER is a specialty to bring plants both nutrients essential for plant growth: iron and manganese. To ensure proper availability and to avoid antagonism between iron and manganese, these elements are in chelated form.

    70,00 €

    MANGAMAX composition: Mn 80g /L  EDTA chelate Manganese (Mn) active enzymatic processes, promotes photosynthesis and improves the strength and robustness of plants.

    41,00 €
  • Sulfate de Manganèse 32%

    Manganese sulfate 32% Packaging: 25kg bag Manganese has a function in the above enzyme system of the plant, which enables several metabolic functions. Manganese deficiency can remove the plant or decrease the yield of 1 to 3 tons / ha (wheat, corn, beet ..)

    60,00 €
  • GEFIMOLY 250

    GEFIMOLY 250 composition: 250g / L Mo Packaging: 1L - Carton 14x1L GEFIMOLY 250 brings Molybdenum essential for plant growth in a form readable and 100% profitable.

    52,00 €
  • APIMANG 500

    APIMANG 500 (500 g Mn/L) Packing: 10L Good fixing of manganese on the sheet. Fast penetration in the plant. Persistence of action

    90,00 €

    NUTRIMAZIN Micronutrients mixture (Zinc and Manganese) in powder form soluble in water Guarantees wealth (% w / w): 6.8% Manganese (Mn), water-soluble 19.6% Zinc (Zn) water soluble

    25,00 €
  • QuelaCROPS B

    QUELACROPS B EEC fertilizer, type E.1.1.d Solution of boron in a form readable and 100% by the plant profitable. Use in organic agriculture according to regulation EC N ° 2092/91

    28,50 €

    BOROMAX 105g B / L (complexing agents polyols and alkanolamines) Chelated boron is 100% available!

    90,00 €
  • QuelaCROPS BMo

    QuelaCROPS BMo - Fertilizers EEC type E.2.1 Solution of boron and molybdenum. Provides a strong start, a good root development, a stronger neck, better recovery of vegetation, enhanced fertilization, better seed filling. Used in organic farming

    35,00 €
  • CROPS BOR 15

    CROPS BOR 15 - Fertilizers EC Type E.1.1.d Solution Boron essential for plant growth in a 100% comparable and profitable.Il is a key element in cell division, flowering, fruit set, seeds, vegetables, root system ...

    27,50 €

    IRON E-13 Composition: 13% EDTA Fe / kg Iron chelate soluble developed for the prevention and correction of deficiencies in iron. Used in organic farming.

    7,60 €
  • QuelaCROPS Zn

    QuelaCROPS Zn Fertilizers EEC type E.1.7.b Zinc chelate (DTPA chelating agents, EDTA, HEDTA) Composition: Zinc (Zn) soluble in water: 117g / L Chelated zinc (DTPA, EDTA, HEDTA): 104g / L Stability of chelating agents: 3-11 ph pH: 6.5 - 7.5 Density: 1.30-1.32 Low in chlorine.

    43,50 €

    APIZINC Ingredients: 700g Zn / L Packing: 10L APIZINC is an advanced formulation that gives it a quality beyond compare Fit of the zinc sheet Rapid tissue penetration Persistence of action

    85,00 €

    PLANTALG Cu 62.5 Cu / L + Seaweed Liquid formulation containing copper and seaweed.

    85,00 €
  • QuelaCROPS Mn

    QuelaCROPS Mn Composition: Mn 80 g /L soluble Mn 66g / L chelate Chelate Mn (EDTA chelating agent) Manganese (Mn) active enzymatic processes, promotes photosynthesis, plays an important role in the synthesis of chlorophyll and improves the strength.

    41,00 €
  • ORTHOFER (6% Fe EDDHA - 5.2% O-O)

    Orthofer (6% Fe EDDHA - 5.2% O-O) 5kg bag - Cardboard 5X5Kg

    42,50 €

    ZINCOMAX composition: 120g Zn / L (chelating agent EDTA) Packaging: 10L - 750L pallet

    40,00 €

    FEROMAX 90L90g / L Fe EDTASoluble iron chelate developed for the prevention and correction of deficiencies in iron.Used in organic farming.

    70,00 €
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