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MicroNutrientsMarket is an online site selling products in nutrition and fertilization of plants and is mainly for the European agricultural sector professionals except France.

Farmers, winemakers, Maraîchers, Cereal, Arborists, Horticulturists ... find nutrition products and classic or usable fertilizer in organic farming they want.

Some products in nutrition and fertilization of plants


    IRON E-13 Composition: 13% EDTA Fe / kg Iron chelate soluble developed for the prevention and correction of deficiencies in iron. Used in organic farming.

    7,60 €
  • CALTIN 10

    CALTIN 10 Calcium Oxide (CaO) water soluble .......................................... 10% w / w From Acetate CALTIN 10 contains an organic calcium salt, therefore provides no nitrogen or chlorides. This feature makes it ideal for balanced nutrition programs

    5,60 €

    CROPS Calibre EEC fertilizer type E.2.3 - Solution of NPK fertilizer containing Mg with B, Fe, Mn, Zn for foliar spraying. Increases fruit size

    24,00 €

    The HEMITRAP trap was designed to capture the Drosophila suzukii with a liquid attractant.We suggest the trap HEMITRAP Product SUZZII ATTRACTIVE LIQUID. It is a new type of food enriched in volatiles attractive kind of favorite fruits attacked by this insect

    185,00 €
  • CROPS 8-6-8 + 2 MgO

    CROPS 8-6-8 +2 MgO Without chloride, CROPS 868 + 2MgO suitable for foliar fertilization or fertigation drip of agricultural and horticultural crops substrate or ground up irrigation. Gardening, horticulture, Arboriculture, Viticulture, Cereal, all intensive farming and high efficiency.

    20,50 €

    CROPS KAPPA Express Foliar Fertilizer with Amino Acid and Potassium. Product complies with RD 824/2005 Packaging: 5L - Box 4X5L Foliar fertilizer containing potassium, rich in trace elements and having a high content of Bioactivators NATURAL synergists. Promotes the metabolism of the plant, fruit formation.

    37,50 €

    FEROMAX 90L90g / L Fe EDTASoluble iron chelate developed for the prevention and correction of deficiencies in iron.Used in organic farming.

    70,00 €

    CROPS METHYL Fertilizer solution at Copper Highly effective on canker Nectria or papery

    18,00 €
  • APIMANG 500

    APIMANG 500 (500 g Mn/L) Packing: 10L Good fixing of manganese on the sheet. Fast penetration in the plant. Persistence of action

    90,00 €
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