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  • QuelaCROPS B

    QUELACROPS B EEC fertilizer, type E.1.1.d Solution of boron in a form readable and 100% by the plant profitable. Use in organic agriculture according to regulation EC N ° 2092/91

    28,50 €

    BOROMAX 105g B / L (complexing agents polyols and alkanolamines) Chelated boron is 100% available!

    90,00 €
  • QuelaCROPS BMo

    QuelaCROPS BMo - Fertilizers EEC type E.2.1 Solution of boron and molybdenum. Provides a strong start, a good root development, a stronger neck, better recovery of vegetation, enhanced fertilization, better seed filling. Used in organic farming

    35,00 €
  • CROPS BOR 15

    CROPS BOR 15 - Fertilizers EC Type E.1.1.d Solution Boron essential for plant growth in a 100% comparable and profitable.Il is a key element in cell division, flowering, fruit set, seeds, vegetables, root system ...

    27,50 €

    BEMOL EEC fertilizer, Solution of Boron and Molybdenum Composition g / L: 100g B + 10g Mo Used in organic farming

    48,00 €
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