APIMANG 500 Expand



APIMANG 500 (500 g Mn/L)

Packing: 10L

Good fixing of manganese on the sheet. Fast penetration in the plant. Persistence of action

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APIMANG 500 (500 g Mn/L)

Manganese is involved in important steps:
- Chlorophyll synthesis
- Protein synthesis
- Promotes the activity of enzymes
- Prevents manganese deficiency and antagonism between elements (iron)

Rapid uptake of manganese per sheet

Persistence of action
Deficient soils: alkaline soils rich in humus (peat)
Manganese deficiency manifests itself in impaired growth and
slowing the synthesis of carbohydrates and proteins (spots on
older leaves).
APIMANG 500 is a high concentration of Mn.

The best combination for beautiful vineyards.
APIMANG 500 is an advanced formulation that gives it a quality beyond compare.

Used in viticulture, fruit, cereals, vegetables ....

Dosage: 2-3 L / ha to 10 days to renew.

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