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  • QuelaCROPS Mn

    QuelaCROPS Mn Composition: Mn 80 g /L soluble Mn 66g / L chelate Chelate Mn (EDTA chelating agent) Manganese (Mn) active enzymatic processes, promotes photosynthesis, plays an important role in the synthesis of chlorophyll and improves the strength.

    41,00 €

    MANGAMAX composition: Mn 80g /L  EDTA chelate Manganese (Mn) active enzymatic processes, promotes photosynthesis and improves the strength and robustness of plants.

    41,00 €
  • Sulfate de Manganèse 32%

    Manganese sulfate 32% Packaging: 25kg bag Manganese has a function in the above enzyme system of the plant, which enables several metabolic functions. Manganese deficiency can remove the plant or decrease the yield of 1 to 3 tons / ha (wheat, corn, beet ..)

    60,00 €
  • APIMANG 500

    APIMANG 500 (500 g Mn/L) Packing: 10L Good fixing of manganese on the sheet. Fast penetration in the plant. Persistence of action

    90,00 €
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