105g B / L (complexing agents polyols and alkanolamines)

Chelated boron is 100% available!

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Packaging: Bottle 10L - 750L pallet

BOROMAX be used in organic farming (AB)

Allows use of Bore 100% available to plants in small doses!

BOROMAX contains boron complexed with alkanolamines and chelated by polyols. This chelated product, complexed, systemic, has a very high stability in the soil solution. The negative charge of BOROMAX prevents it from being adsorbed on the clay-humus complex, its availability to the plant is complete, its sophisticated formulation makes it a little washable product.
BOROMAX has pronounced activity during the early growth of the young plant and is also completely absorbed by the leaf.
The role of boron is essentially to:
- Immunize plants against self-poisoning by phenols it produces.
- To stimulate tissue growth and functioning of the cambium of the apical meristem, and stems.
- Optimize meristematic and metabolic activities.
- Improve the production of pollen.
- To ensure optimal fertility.
- Intervene in the transport of auxin (plant hormones).
- Regulates water use.
Boron is also involved in maintaining of the rigidity and the integrity of cell walls (anti-verse agent). It regulates the distribution of sugars danstoutes parts of the plant, rule the division / multiplication of cells in an orderly manner.

Recommended dose:

BEET: 1 liters to 3 liters per hectare from 8.6 leaves stage

RAPE: 1 liter per hectare per application stage 3/4 leaves, recovery of vegetation: D1, D2
or 1-2 liters per hectare once the recovery of vegetation
PEAS: 1 liter per hectare from the stage 8-10 cm
ALFALFA: 1 - 1.5 liters per hectare 10-15 cm tall or after a cut
POTATO: 1-2 liters per hectare at tuber initiation stage, 1 liter per hectare 10-15 days later, 1 liter per hectare 10-15 days

Gardening: 1-3 liters per hectare
- Cabbage: recovery and 15 days after
- Carrots: after removing the plastic covers (futures) when the leaf surface is sufficiently developed
- Asparagus: formation of branches and 3 every 15 days later
- Eggplant, peppers: from the establishment and every 15 days
- Celery, tomato: from the establishment and every 15 days

VINE: 4-5 applications at 1 l / ha
- Spreading leaves
- Buds
- fruit set
- Bunch closure
- Veraison (up to one month before harvest)

1 stone fruits 1-2 l / ha
- Early bloom
- Petal fall
- fruit set
- Fruit growth
2 pome fruit 1-2 l / ha
- Early bloom
- Petal fall
- fruit set
- Fruit growth

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