Copper gluconate in aqueous solution.

78g / l Cu

Used in organic farming

ECOCERT certification (Authorized 889/2008)

Limit the growth and development of fungi and bacteria

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Inducing self-defense - cupric treatment.


Copper (Cu) soluble in water ......... 6% w / w
Copper (Cu) complexed by AG * ......... 6% w / w
AG * = Gluconic Acid
pH stability of the complex: 3-9

Physical Appearance: Blue liquid

pH: 2-4

Density: 1.23-1.33g / cc

Applied appropriately, the plants are endowed with a greater resistance to diseases like: EYE PEACOCK, MILDEWS, BROWN ROT ...
COPFORT is a preparation for copper gluconate easy absorption and quick access to all parts of the plant translocation.
Copper produces phytoalexins which trigger self-defense mechanisms.
The formulation allows a good efficiency with low concentrations of copper per hectare, which implies a reduction of the residues.
Its mode of action allows both foliar application on the ground.

Product for use in organic agriculture according to Regulation (EC)
No. 834/2007. CertiCAAE: No product FE-009-0025

ECOCERT certificate

Dose: 2 - 2.5 L / ha (Viticulture) - 1 - 2 L / ha (Arboriculture - Market Gardening)

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