Sulfate de Potassium Expand

Sulfate de Potassium



Potassium sulfate

Composition / Kg:

K20 + 52% 45% SO3

Used in organic farming

The intake of Potassium Sulphate is always better especially for its beneficial role in the formation of sugars and organoleptic components.

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Potassium sulfate
EC fertilizers

Potassium sulfate is ideal for fruit: it is suitable for all sensitive to chlorine or excessive salinity species, particularly red berries or stone fruit.

It increases the resistance to frost and promotes the production of dry matter: fruits are firmer, and therefore their transport without damage and increased conservation. Potassium sulfate by its action on the transport of sugars from leaves to storage organs, affects the caliber of fruits.Son action is also noticeable on the sugar content and the sugar / acidity balance, important factors fruit flavor. Potassium sulfate also increases the pigmentation of fruit giving a actratif fruit appearance by a more vivid color.


Arboriculture: 5 to 7 Kg / ha per application

Gardening: 3 to 4 kg / ha per application

SoluSOP® 52 is a completely soluble fertilizer, specially developed for use in fertigation and foliar application. It contains hardly chlorine (typ. 0.15% Cl), so it is perfectly suited to sensitive crops chlorine. Shake while adding 52 soluSOP® with water until complete dissolution.
Our product is made from natural raw salts, is licensed for use organic agriculture according to Regulation (EC) No. 834/2007 and (EC) No. 889/2008.

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