CROPS 8-6-8 + 2 MgO Expand

CROPS 8-6-8 + 2 MgO


CROPS 8-6-8 +2 MgO

Without chloride, CROPS 868 + 2MgO suitable for foliar fertilization or fertigation drip of agricultural and horticultural crops substrate or ground up irrigation.

Gardening, horticulture, Arboriculture, Viticulture, Cereal, all intensive farming and high efficiency.

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CROPS 8-6-8 +2 MgO

CROPS 8-6-8 + 2MgO is a complete and balanced formulation. The addition of MgO and Sulphur (S) stimulates chlorophyll activity.
CROPS 868 + 2MgO contains trace elements needed by plants.
CROPS 868 + 2MgO by balance has a preventive and corrective action of deficiencies and shortcomings
CROPS 868 + 2MgO is a soluble product and high stability in any type of soil, 100% comparable and available to the plant.

FERTILIZER E.2.2 Type: NPK fertilizer solution with MgO

Packing: Carton 4X5L


Foliar spray (Viticulture, Arboriculture Vegetable Farming, Grain): 2 to 3 L / Ha.

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